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Does Schedule24 automate the scheduling process?


Up to a point. Defining automation in the context of staff scheduling is notoriously difficult because it can mean so many different things to different people. In fact just defining what requires automating can take many months, and any slight change often results going back to the drawing board. The hallmark of these kinds of projects are large budgets requiring on-site programmers doing nothing else, so perhaps that sets the context.

It is more sensible to talk about levels of automation; usually targeting the more tedious aspects of staff scheduling. No computer comes close to improving the kinds of decisions made by the human schedule manager. So we focus on making the tools available to publish better schedules faster.

We offer a shift pattern wizard that will automate solutions to deliver most common 24/7 deployment requirements. Where there is no defined pattern of working, or any rule base available, automation is simply not possible. As a guide a competent Schedule24 user can deliver a 12 month schedule for around 35 staff in around 45 minutes; and depending on staff changes spend up to 2 hours a week maintaining it.

Where the business rules are capable of being well-defined higher levels of automation are then possible, and in those cases Schedule24 Resource Manager would be the preferred product of choice.

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