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Calculating Vacation Entitlement


1. On the main toolbar menu select Tools and click Options.

2. In Options select the Vacation tab.

3. Go to the Global Vacation section at the bottom of the window and make a note of the Day vacation label. (Note: If the label is empty, enter Full Day Vacation or another suitable term).

4. Click OK to save.

5. Next, in the main work area right mouse click on a cell and select Unavailability.

6. In the Unavailability dialog select Category drop down list. Confirm that Full Day Vacation or a similar term is present as used in the Options dialog above.

7. Click OK to close.

8. On the main toolbar menu click File, select Page Setup and choose Staff Report.

9. In the Include Staff section uncheck all expect for Vacation.

10. Next, click the Print Preview button to see officer’s Vacation Entitlement.

  To view specific individuals vacation click Print Rangetab and modify selection.

11. Publish Vacation Entitlement to the Web (intranet).

12. Select File and click Publish to Web...

13. If not already checked, enable Staff Information check box.

14. Click Next button until preview or publish schedule is visible.

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