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Schedule24 can't connect to the activation server


Your Schedule24 can't connect to the activation server because of network problems. You can receive these errors if your computer has problems connecting to the Internet or your firewall is blocking access.

When activating Schedule24, you receive the error, "Cannot connect [product name]."


This errors indicate that the software is unable to establish a connection with the activation server. Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Verify basic Internet connectivity

You have access to the Internet, if you can reach sites such as Verify that your computer is not behind a firewall, and that the firewall is not blocking or addresses.

2. Activate via email

From within the activation window of Schedule24 choose:

"I want to activate the software by E-mail (Automatically)". The software will try and find your email settings, compose and send an activation email request.

"I want to activate the software by E-mail (Manual)". This option enables you to copy and paste the activation information into a email client of your choice.

Both email request are usually responded witin 1 business day.

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