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Transfer Schedule24 license to a new computer


If you have want to install the software on a new computer, first deactivate the software on the computer you no longer use. Then, activate the software on the new computer. Uninstalling the software from a computer does not automatically deactivate it.

Please follow these steps below to deactivate your software:

  1. On the main menu select Help and click Activate Product... (if the activation window is not visible).
  2. In the Activation window, select the 3rd option – ‘Remove this software license from this computer’ and click Next.
  3. Your original activation key will displayed. Click Next.  (If the box is empty, please enter your activation key. This can be found in an activation email from
  4. Your Removal Code will be displayed. Please make a note of the removal code and click Finish. Schedule24 will close and revert back to the 30-day trial.
  5. Send the removal code to support. We then confirm successful deactivation and enable activation on the new workstation.
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