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This is the final part of a three part series offering a second opinion about Top TenREVIEWS article about employee scheduling in general and Schedule24 in particular. With over 500 customers in 15 countries using Schedule24 across a wide range of industries and businesses you may welcome the benefit of a second opinion!

Top TenREVIEWS Second Opinion…
Opinion about Feature Set
“Before you can use the automatic wizard tool, you must assign shifts manually. This can be frustrating because although you can assign departments and positions to managers, you can’t see that data in the scheduler screen.” We disagree. The Schedule24 Wizard only requires you to enter shifts once. After that it is a totally automated process and you see the finished result when it is complete. That is what autiomation means. You can see for yourself here
“The schedule wizard is quite straightforward and helped us set up our employee list, shifts and basic schedule in just eight steps.” We agree . There are two kinds of Wizards, a schedule wizard and a shift pattern wizard. We use both depending what kind of problem you want to solve.
“One issue with its ability to automatically assign employees is slow processing.” We disagree. After re-writing the calculation algorithm to manage more complex settings the Wizard is ‘blisteringly’ fast.
“After completing the wizard, we discovered that some employees had not been automatically assigned shifts”. We agree. The Wizard will not assign shifts to employees after it has solved a scheduling problem. Alternatively it may be a solution doesn’t exist.
“However, the application includes a conflict warning system to help you with accuracy.” We agree. In fact you can carry out over 425 conflict and logical checks. The most comprehensive ACM system available – for any system.
“Limited color-coding is available in Schedule24, but it only shows whether shifts are filled and whether employees are unavailable.” We disagree. You have unlimited color options for shift times; shift descriptions; assignment matches; individual unavailability categories; weekends; and public holidays. You also have color distribution profiles and max min thresholds for hours, headcount and costs.
“The support model for Schedule24 is less than complete but, in comparison to other desktop software products, it is free.” We disagree. We offer a fully featured helpdesk and support dashboard with ticketing system that is free for Schedule24 Scheduler; and full telephone contact and support facilities for a fee for Schedule24 Resource Manager.
“However, note that its price increases as you need to manage more staffers. The one-time cost for scheduling unlimited staffers is about double the cost of this software’s top competitors.” We disagree. Feature for dollar Schedule24 offers the most powerful employee scheduling software available at a fraction of the cost.
“Schedule24 offers a feature base that lets you accomplish many tasks. It can save you time compared to scheduling by hand and can provide solid data reporting that you can’t get from spreadsheet applications. It includes a mobile app and hosted services, which are unavailable in other desktop download schedulers we tested.” We agree. What else can we say.
“Nevertheless, this software is missing features such as data export and data APIs that let you integrate with payroll services and other HR management tools.” We disagree. Should check out Schedule24 Resource Manager. You don’t pay for features you don’t need.
“A built-in help section is easy to use but not exhaustive.” We disagree. With over a thousand online topics and over 20,000 words supported by fully featured videos our customers think differently.
“Schedule24 has several good features that will save you time and improve scheduling accuracy, but it is more cumbersome to use than competing desktop software applications. It has a low cost if you have 25 employees or fewer, but if you have a large staff, we recommend that you consider some of our higher-ranked automatic scheduler.” We disagree. You might want to check out the differences between “shift scheduling” and solving employee scheduling problems here.And let these guys have the final word

To learn more about Schedule24 and or other range of employeee scheduling software please visit our website.

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  1. michael kor says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this software (Schedule24) needs much more consideration. I’ll be back again. thanks.
    P.S. Slightly biased we’ve been using Schedule24 when it was called IntelliRoster!

  2. oscar says:

    Like it guys! Started using Schedule24 when you were listed 6/7th on TTR and at that time I couldn’t understand why so low. Now 10th! From my personal experience your software gets better and better and does darn better job than many we evaluated on there. Anyways it’s nice to the see the review of a review. Hope others take time to read this. Just my 10 cents. Ciao

  3. Paris says:

    Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to “return the favor”. Im trying to find things to enhance my website! I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas! Some of your shift pattern design videos in particular. Thanks Paris.

  4. frankie says:

    Really appreciate you sharing this article post. Really thank you! Want more.

  5. jordan says:

    Nice post, just found your blog on my travels around the Internet looking for staff rosters. Definitely will come back.

  6. ptica1976 says:

    Thanks for placing up this article. I’m unquestionably frustrated with struggling to research out pertinent and rational commentary on employee scheduling software. everyone now goes in the direction of extremes to generate their viewpoint that either: everyone else within earth is wrong, or two that everyone but them does not genuinely recognize the situation. many thanks for the concise, pertinent insight…

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