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Latest research “Night shifts can ‘double’ breast cancer”

“Women who work long-term night-shift jobs … are twice as likely to develop breast cancer,” is a headline which will naturally cause concern for many women working night shifts. And like most things a closer look brings things into sharper

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Introducing Automatic Shift Pattern Add-In for Microsoft® Excel®

Schedule24™ Excel® Shift Pattern Add-In for Microsoft® Excel® has been designed to solve a big problem for Excel users trying to create shift patterns, especially where their business operation has to cope with extended hours and 24/7 working. Invariably where

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Shift Pattern 1.4 Shift Pattern Value

Research has found around fifty percent of managers make uninformed decisions without realizing the sweeping impact of staff costs – or if you like, they manage the business with the same outcome as flipping a coin. You hire qualified or

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Shift Pattern Design – Section 1.3 Shift Pattern Goals

Mention has already been made about embarking on shift pattern design without some goal about what it is you want it to do, or at the least have some idea. If you don’t, you are destined to ‘endless tinkering’ –

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Shift Pattern Design – Section 1.2 Shift Pattern Types

Here we are going to take a look at the types of shift pattern. Like most things in life people have different views about how they see things and this is mine. A shift pattern is a sequences of shifts

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Shift Scheduling – Moving Beyond Rostering 101 or Not

First, in the last post there was a somewhat disingenuous reference to “…some of them even provide scheduling optimization (not those on the picture above obviously)”. And I suppose ‘Clicksoftware‘ claim they do this but I doubt it. Shift scheduling

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4 On 4 Off – 12 Hour Shift Pattern

This shift pattern delivers a constant 24/7 staff supply and is typically deployed wherever machine production is found e.g. food production and processing industry. The standard 4 on 4 off 12 hour shift pattern is one of the most popular

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Use it or lose it – Lyons v Mitie decision on Annual Leave

The UK Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) in the case of Lyons v Mitie found the employer is entitled to require sufficient notice from staff to take holidays, making it the employees own problem if they do no use their annual leave. This

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