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Shift Pattern Design – Section 1.2 Shift Pattern Types

Here we are going to take a look at the types of shift pattern. Like most things in life people have different views about how they see things and this is mine. A shift pattern is a sequences of shifts

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Shift Pattern Design – Section 1.1 Shift Types


Though shift pattern design is not easy knowing the basics does help. For example, people may call them by different names but there are only four shift configurations: 1. Meeting – a shift that finishes at the start of another

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Shift Scheduling – Moving Beyond Rostering 101 or Not

First, in the last post there was a somewhat disingenuous reference to “…some of them even provide scheduling optimization (not those on the picture above obviously)”. And I suppose ‘Clicksoftware‘ claim they do this but I doubt it. Shift scheduling

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Automating EEC Working Time Directive- Schedule24 Resource Manager

The EEC Working Time Directive is well documented and commented upon. It is not that easy to make sure you are complying, not without a fair amount of paper and pencil calculations anyway. For small and medium sized businesses that

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4 On 4 Off – 12 Hour Shift Pattern

This shift pattern delivers a constant 24/7 staff supply and is typically deployed wherever machine production is found e.g. food production and processing industry. The standard 4 on 4 off 12 hour shift pattern is one of the most popular

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Intellicate – Duty Management Toolkit

When it comes to safeguarding public safety and security, the police is perhaps the most important service there is – and also most taken for granted. The police face a highly demanding working environment—in addition to arresting criminals and attending

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Intellicate are proud to be members of the The Cambridge Network

Intellicate is proud to be a member of The Cambridge Network (CNL) – The Cambridge Network aims to create and support a community of like-minded people from business and academia in the Cambridge region and link this community to the global high-tech network for the benefit of the Cambridge region.

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Intellicate Product Name Changes: Schedule24 Scheduler and Schedule24 Resource Manager

Intellicate announces that the Schedule24 Standard Staff Scheduling application will now be called Schedule24 Scheduler and Schedule24 Professional will now be called Schedule24 Resource Manager. This to better reflect the types of role each product has on the workforce and staff

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Schedule24 Standard 4.6 Now Available

Schedule24 Standard 4.6 has been released! We’ve finished updating Schedule24 Standard based on our customers feedback.

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UK police overtime, causes, effects and cure.

Out trot the usual calls for review teams, working parties, regulation overhaul and a host of other non-person causal effects creating a system that has been described as madness.

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