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Intellicate Software Releases Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in

Today Intellicate announced the release of a Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in, a new addition of the company’s flagship employee and workforce software, Schedule24. With this new add-in application, Microsoft Excel users are able to explore, discover, and try out more shift

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Employee Scheduling – Vacation Wars

Some years ago a colleague – a very conscientious hardworking staff member – was boldly declaring she enjoyed 50 leave days a year! Naturally as everyone else only had 25 days leave a year we wanted to know what was

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Solving the Hardest Job in Service Desk Management – Part II

In Part I we looked at how we go about working out the numbers of agents a service desk would need, based on the number of calls handled over a given period of time. Using a real-world example of around

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TopTenREVIEWS Feature comment

This is the final part of a three part series offering a second opinion about Top TenREVIEWS article about employee scheduling in general and Schedule24 in particular. With over 500 customers in 15 countries using Schedule24 across a wide range

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Shift Pattern Design – Section 1.3 Shift Pattern Goals

Mention has already been made about embarking on shift pattern design without some goal about what it is you want it to do, or at the least have some idea. If you don’t, you are destined to ‘endless tinkering’ –

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TopTenREVIEWS Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is a hard problem; and it is not uncommon for someone who is looking for an “employee scheduling” ‘solution’ to be unsure about what it is they are trying to solve. You will either be looking for a

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TopTenREVIEWS Employee Scheduling – Intellicate

After reading through the review on Employee Scheduling Software TopTenREVIEWS the Schedule24 team are taking the opportunity to offer a second opinion. The TopTenREVIEWS article leaves the reader with a sense the reviewer was trying hard not give offense; and

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Night shift a causal link to significant risk factors.

Research has established a causal link among night shift workers and the incidence of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that presents a significant risk condition for high blood pressure and heart disorders among others. The research published by the

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