Intellicate Software Releases Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in

Today Intellicate announced the release of a Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in, a new addition of the company’s flagship employee and workforce software, Schedule24. With this new add-in application, Microsoft Excel users are able to explore, discover, and try out more shift pattern variants than you would have thought possible in a fraction of the time doing the task manually.

Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in has been designed with consultants, business analysts, operations and HR Managers in mind. The core of shift pattern ‘know-how’ is now available for Excel® without having to sacrifice your favorite environment.

When we say Automated we mean it – from Start to Finish!
Fully automated and an integrated component of your Excel® spreadsheet. It has one launch button and from thereon in everything you need is in the “App”, no configuration files, no scripting and definitely no programming skills required.

To discover more about Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in, please visit our website.

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7 comments on “Intellicate Software Releases Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in
  1. DaveR says:

    Wow! Do you know how long I have waited for something like this for excel. Dave R.

  2. Jaroslava says:

    Is there a excel:mac version available?

  3. Askis Payohychoto says:

    You surely have taken a great deal of detail into consideration when designing your excel add in. That’s a terrific app to roll out. I supply excel based shift rotas to clients and your add in could certainly emerge as ‘must have’ for any consultant like myself.

  4. charlieX says:

    Thanks Intellicate! I’m sure it will be used extensively! But don’t want too many folks to know about it :-p

  5. pherne says:

    I was especially pleased to come across your web-site. I wanted to say a quick thanks! I certainly enjoying reading your ideas on emplyee scheduling – I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff when posted.

    Cheers, Pherne

  6. TescoGuy says:

    Thanks guys for such a useful add-in.

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