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Supermarket shifts ’cause anxiety and insecurity’

A recent study by Alex Wood and Brendan Burchell from the department of sociology at Cambridge delivers more evidence about what many of us have suspected. Supermarket ‘super flexible’ working arrangements are not good for staff. In fact they impair mental

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How Expensive Is Your Shift Pattern?

All shift patterns have a cost. None are cheap. Some offer good value. And others are downright expensive. A shift pattern determines your staff deployment strategy, or put another way it controls your staff supply. You don’t want too many,

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Are 12 hour shifts cheaper than 8 hour shifts?

Many get caught out when the headcount and production hours remain constant, and the ‘rate’ is the same for everyone. The assumption when ‘everything’ looks the same it ‘works’ out can be an expensive one. Here are the outcomes for 4 staff deployed over a 7 day period

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Finding out all there is to know about 12 hour shifts.

The average ‘project’ costs associated with working out the change to a 12 hour system comes in at around £17.9k per month. Of course I’m not talking about an individual ‘doodling’ around with various 12 hour shifts in spreadsheets. I

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Friendly Shift Patterns

This is the second publication in as many weeks about the latest research reinforcing the impact shift working has on women’s’ health. Last week it was about night shifts doubling the risks of breast cancer and now this week the University of

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Employee Scheduling is Dangerous…

So a word of advice. Stop looking for a system that is ‘easy to use’ and start thinking about a system that is easy to understand.

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Avoid the Most Common Workplace Stress Generators

Another and latest poll by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) reinforces “hours & workload” as the biggest stress generator next to “at risk” of losing a job. And closely on the

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7 Important Factors to Consider When Moving to a 12 Hour Shift Pattern

As a manager of a business you will encounter at some point requests from the workplace to move from 8 hour to 12 hour shift working. Having spent many years observing and documenting the effects of moving staff from 8 hour shift patterns

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Intellicate Launches First Automatic Shift Pattern Add-in for Microsoft Excel®

Schedule24 Add-in enables you to design and create complex shift patterns in the familiar surroundings of Microsoft Excel.

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Intellicate Software Releases Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in

Today Intellicate announced the release of a Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in, a new addition of the company’s flagship employee and workforce software, Schedule24. With this new add-in application, Microsoft Excel users are able to explore, discover, and try out more shift

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