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Intellicate are proud to be members of the The Cambridge Network

Intellicate is proud to be a member of The Cambridge Network (CNL) – The Cambridge Network aims to create and support a community of like-minded people from business and academia in the Cambridge region and link this community to the global high-tech network for the benefit of the Cambridge region.

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Intellicate Product Name Changes: Schedule24 Scheduler and Schedule24 Resource Manager

Intellicate announces that the Schedule24 Standard Staff Scheduling application will now be called Schedule24 Scheduler and Schedule24 Professional will now be called Schedule24 Resource Manager. This to better reflect the types of role each product has on the workforce and staff

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Schedule24 Standard 4.6 Now Available

Schedule24 Standard 4.6 has been released! We’ve finished updating Schedule24 Standard based on our customers feedback.

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Intellicate Announces New “Phased Return to Work” (PRtW) Service

Acclaimed workforce solutions provider helps businesses and employees achieve a smooth transition after a period of absence. As budget-conscious companies look for creative ways to reduce employee turnover, cut back on training costs, and boost team morale, phased return to

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