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Business Spreadsheets – Authorized Distributor for Schedule24 Excel Add-in

We would like to welcome Business Spreadsheets authorized distributor for Schedule24 Excel Add-in. Business Spreadsheets specializes in advanced Excel based solutions for business with experience in a variety of analytical domains including corporate finance, business intelligence, statistics, and operation management.

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Workforce Scheduling White Papers

A collection of in-depth technical collateral on workforce and employee scheduling practices. Read more at:

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Free Staff Cost Benefit Analysis Report

I had a discussion recently involving a Consultant Occupational Health Physician and Occupational Psychologist about why business owners – not managers that’s something quite different – ‘ignore’ important factors having a direct impact on their business. They arrived at the consensus it was not because business owners were lazy

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Latest research “Night shifts can ‘double’ breast cancer”

“Women who work long-term night-shift jobs … are twice as likely to develop breast cancer,” is a headline which will naturally cause concern for many women working night shifts. And like most things a closer look brings things into sharper

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Intellicate Launches First Automatic Shift Pattern Add-in for Microsoft Excel®

Schedule24 Add-in enables you to design and create complex shift patterns in the familiar surroundings of Microsoft Excel.

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Intellicate Software Releases Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in

Today Intellicate announced the release of a Schedule24™ Excel® Add-in, a new addition of the company’s flagship employee and workforce software, Schedule24. With this new add-in application, Microsoft Excel users are able to explore, discover, and try out more shift

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Introducing Automatic Shift Pattern Add-In for Microsoft® Excel®

Schedule24™ Excel® Shift Pattern Add-In for Microsoft® Excel® has been designed to solve a big problem for Excel users trying to create shift patterns, especially where their business operation has to cope with extended hours and 24/7 working. Invariably where

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Automating EEC Working Time Directive- Schedule24 Resource Manager

The EEC Working Time Directive is well documented and commented upon. It is not that easy to make sure you are complying, not without a fair amount of paper and pencil calculations anyway. For small and medium sized businesses that

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KoolToolz Authorized Reseller of Intellicate Staff Scheduling Software

With over 110,000 users worldwide their track record of success and call center expertise will serve Intellicate Schedule24 call center customers well. KoolToolz develop and market niche call center calculator and software tools for call centers and helpdesks. Kooltoolz is

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Intellicate – Duty Management Toolkit

When it comes to safeguarding public safety and security, the police is perhaps the most important service there is – and also most taken for granted. The police face a highly demanding working environment—in addition to arresting criminals and attending

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