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Everyone has an opinion. Here we offer you a second opinion about those claims and counter-claims about changing your life – or not as the case may be…

TopTenREVIEWS Feature comment

This is the final part of a three part series offering a second opinion about Top TenREVIEWS article about employee scheduling in general and Schedule24 in particular. With over 500 customers in 15 countries using Schedule24 across a wide range

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TopTenREVIEWS Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is a hard problem; and it is not uncommon for someone who is looking for an “employee scheduling” ‘solution’ to be unsure about what it is they are trying to solve. You will either be looking for a

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TopTenREVIEWS Employee Scheduling – Intellicate

After reading through the review on Employee Scheduling Software TopTenREVIEWS the Schedule24 team are taking the opportunity to offer a second opinion. The TopTenREVIEWS article leaves the reader with a sense the reviewer was trying hard not give offense; and

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Shift Scheduling – Moving Beyond Rostering 101 or Not

First, in the last post there was a somewhat disingenuous reference to “…some of them even provide scheduling optimization (not those on the picture above obviously)”. And I suppose ‘Clicksoftware‘ claim they do this but I doubt it. Shift scheduling

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Use it or lose it – Lyons v Mitie decision on Annual Leave

The UK Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) in the case of Lyons v Mitie found the employer is entitled to require sufficient notice from staff to take holidays, making it the employees own problem if they do no use their annual leave. This

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Tell Me Again What You Do, Exactly?

I made a passing comment in my post “Anatomy for Business Success” about business being in one of four states. This generated a number of emails asking what the four states were. I was of course speaking in the context

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