Avoid the Most Common Workplace Stress Generators

Another and latest poll by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) reinforces “hours & workload” as the biggest stress generator next to “at risk” of losing a job. And closely on the heels with over half of any given workforce experiencing lack of workplace support from managers and colleagues – and I would argue it is usually in that order – followed by lack of clarity and responsibilities; and finally, limited opportunities to managed work patterns.

The principles of the three ‘C’s’ in the workplace: coordinate; control & communicate has never been more relevant. They are also the first principles Schedule24 enables the team leader or line manager to deliver: effective planning of working arrangements delivers coordination; the fact the manager gets involved delivers the assurances of control team members want; and finally swift clear communication keeping everyone up to date completes all that is needed to sweep away this malaise of stress generators in the workplace.

The key thing isn’t an HR,  HSE or even OSHA thing it is about giving the tools to the person who can do something about it other than debate it – the manager at the front line!

The manager – at whatever level – that doesn’t care about what OSHA has to say about these stress generators and which is costing $billions in lost production hours is already ‘halfway out the door’ – they are too expensive. The future of the successful workforce is already moving away from “corporate HR” back to key and competent operations managers that can deliver the three C’s in the workplace – where people management skills are having to be re-discovered.

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