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The EEC Working Time Directive is well documented and commented upon. It is not that easy to make sure you are complying, not without a fair amount of paper and pencil calculations anyway. For small and medium sized businesses that have an interest in compliance, but simply do not have the time, the staff or even the energy this is one way to achieve the compliance goal; and probably more efficiently and better than some of the ‘corporates’.

[youtube CPQDJHiKtLk nolink]

We live in times where we need to demonstrate we are doing the right thing, even though in most cases compliance is not an issue. Breaching¬† the ‘letter of the law’ even though you work hard to maintain the ‘spirit’ of working hours legislation, will make you a target of those that see the opportunity to exploit a financial gain one way or the another.

One answer is to demonstrate, even as a small business, you can maintain records as a matter of routine and deliver information in a few seconds without the overhead typically associated with working hours legislation. This will usually result in a healthy respect leaving you to get on with your business.

Work is all about the pattern!

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