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9 Steps to Successful Workforce Management

Analyse Staff Absence This is more than just recording when someone goes sick, though it includes that as well. A pattern of sickness is probably a more important indicator of some systematic problem than a total number of sick days.

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Are 12 hour shifts cheaper than 8 hour shifts?

Many get caught out when the headcount and production hours remain constant, and the ‘rate’ is the same for everyone. The assumption when ‘everything’ looks the same it ‘works’ out can be an expensive one. Here are the outcomes for 4 staff deployed over a 7 day period

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Employee Scheduling is Dangerous…

So a word of advice. Stop looking for a system that is ‘easy to use’ and start thinking about a system that is easy to understand.

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7 Important Factors to Consider When Moving to a 12 Hour Shift Pattern

As a manager of a business you will encounter at some point requests from the workplace to move from 8 hour to 12 hour shift working. Having spent many years observing and documenting the effects of moving staff from 8 hour shift patterns

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Introducing Automatic Shift Pattern Add-In for Microsoft® Excel®

Schedule24™ Excel® Shift Pattern Add-In for Microsoft® Excel® has been designed to solve a big problem for Excel users trying to create shift patterns, especially where their business operation has to cope with extended hours and 24/7 working. Invariably where

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Vacation Infographic: Vacation time goes unused for most Americans

Please checkout this infographic, courtesy of our friends at Compliance and Safety, on safety in the workplace and the companies responsible for helping to keep you safe on the job. Featured By: Safety Videos

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Employee Scheduling – Vacation Wars

Some years ago a colleague – a very conscientious hardworking staff member – was boldly declaring she enjoyed 50 leave days a year! Naturally as everyone else only had 25 days leave a year we wanted to know what was

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Solving the Hardest Job in Service Desk Management – Part II

In Part I we looked at how we go about working out the numbers of agents a service desk would need, based on the number of calls handled over a given period of time. Using a real-world example of around

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Solving the Hardest Job in Service Desk Management – Part I

There are around 25 metrics service desk managers can focus on, and if the truth be known, totally confuse themselves with conflicting datasets. Jeff Rumburg and Eric Zbikowski in their whitepaper “The Seven Most Important Performance Indicators” exhort world-class service

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TopTenREVIEWS Feature comment

This is the final part of a three part series offering a second opinion about Top TenREVIEWS article about employee scheduling in general and Schedule24 in particular. With over 500 customers in 15 countries using Schedule24 across a wide range

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