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Bureacracy is dead. Long live Adhocracy!

Some time ago, in fact over 5 years ago,  a white paper was published giving good reasons why managers should be interested in workforce deployment and staff scheduling. I guess there are fewer of those managers around now. There were several

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Automating EEC Working Time Directive- Schedule24 Resource Manager

The EEC Working Time Directive is well documented and commented upon. It is not that easy to make sure you are complying, not without a fair amount of paper and pencil calculations anyway. For small and medium sized businesses that

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4 On 4 Off – 12 Hour Shift Pattern

This shift pattern delivers a constant 24/7 staff supply and is typically deployed wherever machine production is found e.g. food production and processing industry. The standard 4 on 4 off 12 hour shift pattern is one of the most popular

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Local Government 37.5 hour week with12 hour shifts

Since our last post; 37.5 hour week and 12 hour shifts. Can it be done? We had many requests for a video tutorial and example shift patterns. You will be pleased to know, we have uploaded Local Government 37.5 hour week

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37.5 hour week and 12 hour shifts. Can it be done?

37.5 hour week and 12 hour shifts. Can it be done?

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UK police overtime, causes, effects and cure.

Out trot the usual calls for review teams, working parties, regulation overhaul and a host of other non-person causal effects creating a system that has been described as madness.

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Whitepaper About Neglected Management Skills in the Workplace

A time when team leaders and line supervisors were being unwittingly transformed from people managers into process managers, while management teams continued to be wooed and seduced by HR fads and fashion surrounding talent management and 360-deg performance driven reward and retention programs.

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When it come to Workforce Scheduling flexibility should not mean confusion.

I often get asked the question what is it about scheduling that makes it so hard. I always answer Workflow! That more than anything is what defines good staff scheduling from bad. One problem is the format and publishing of schedules

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Night shift a causal link to significant risk factors.

Research has established a causal link among night shift workers and the incidence of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that presents a significant risk condition for high blood pressure and heart disorders among others. The research published by the

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When you think of work schedules think patterns not words.

I have been saying for some time that it not the hours you put-in and more about when and what you put into those hours that makes the difference. Industry commentators, media and politicians have exhorted flexible working and how beneficial

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