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Free Staff Cost Benefit Analysis Report

I had a discussion recently involving a Consultant Occupational Health Physician and Occupational Psychologist about why business owners – not managers that’s something quite different – ‘ignore’ important factors having a direct impact on their business. They arrived at the consensus it was not because business owners were lazy

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Staff Nursing Levels

For those of you that have been following my commentary about staff nursing levels highlighted in what has become a string of scandals in the NHS, it probably comes as no surprise there is now the call for hospitals in England should publicly display

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Are 12 hour shifts cheaper than 8 hour shifts?

Many get caught out when the headcount and production hours remain constant, and the ‘rate’ is the same for everyone. The assumption when ‘everything’ looks the same it ‘works’ out can be an expensive one. Here are the outcomes for 4 staff deployed over a 7 day period

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