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Workforce schedule optimization is not compromization

One of the inputs we spend some time is demonstrating just how big a problem optimizing a workforce schedule is. In fact it is such a big problem and so expensive to achieve, examples are very hard to find –

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When it come to Workforce Scheduling flexibility should not mean confusion.

I often get asked the question what is it about scheduling that makes it so hard. I always answer Workflow! That more than anything is what defines good staff scheduling from bad. One problem is the format and publishing of schedules

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Night shift a causal link to significant risk factors.

Research has established a causal link among night shift workers and the incidence of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that presents a significant risk condition for high blood pressure and heart disorders among others. The research published by the

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New research support phased return to work (PRtW) strategies.

Most agree that good employment practice for phased return to work (PRtW) after ill health or injury is a good thing. However until now, research in this area has been sketchy at best. PRtW strategies tend to be overlooked, perhaps because

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Use it or lose it – Lyons v Mitie decision on Annual Leave

The UK Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) in the case of Lyons v Mitie found the employer is entitled to require sufficient notice from staff to take holidays, making it the employees own problem if they do no use their annual leave. This

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Tell Me Again What You Do, Exactly?

I made a passing comment in my post “Anatomy for Business Success” about business being in one of four states. This generated a number of emails asking what the four states were. I was of course speaking in the context

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When you think of work schedules think patterns not words.

I have been saying for some time that it not the hours you put-in and more about when and what you put into those hours that makes the difference. Industry commentators, media and politicians have exhorted flexible working and how beneficial

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Responsibility, Engagement, Maximizing, Outcomes, and Endgames – just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Things have got a little tight in the corporate pensions space. A recent call and exhortation went out for employers to be more responsible about helping employees understand and value what provision is available to them in the workplace. Paul

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