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  • Schedule24


    Create and manage employee schedules. Enables your staff to get all the information they need for successful scheduling.

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  • Schedule24

    Resource Manager

    Gives you more control over your employee schedules, handles greater complexity and advanced shift automation.

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  • Schedule24

    Excel Add-In

    Advanced shift scheduler, automatically create custom shift patterns within Microsoft Excel.

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  • Schedule24

    Duty Management

    Built to a police duty management specification incorporating court availability and reporting procedures.

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is a leading developer of employee scheduling software. Employee scheduling tools that were once only available to large organizations are now easily affordable and accessible for medium and small businesses. Our unique approach of targeted workforce solutions will enable you to efficiently schedule and coordinate staff resources effectively!

Employee Scheduling Software from Intellicate
The principles of employee scheduling are universal, whether a busy hospital with dozens of doctors and nurses, running a small business, managing passengers and freight in the busiest shipping lane in the world, or coordinating 24/7 policing. Schedule24 workflow supports these time proven principles enabling you to 'tailor' employee schedules to significantly boost your bottom line.

What We Do

We understand the complex factors involved in deploying staff in the 24/7 or extended hours workplace.

We help business managers understand what it means to adopt innovative approaches to staff working arrangements; and avoid expensive short term staffing solutions caused by lack of planning. This includes knowing where savings can be made without impacting delivery or production schedules. Anyone can embark on a cost cutting strategy that 'cripples' business performance.

We enable business managers to deploy employee scheduling software strategically, enabling team leaders and line managers to consistently deliver an effective team tuned to business goals. This includes 'deep' knowledge transfer about the latest techniques in computerized employee scheduling.

We offer comprehensive and pragmatic 24/7 support to ensure business managers maximize their investment in our solutions. You don't need a Fortune 500 budget to experience big time and cost savings. Many of our clients start reaping the returns on their investment within just a few days of implementation.

Latest News:

  • Jul 14, 2014

    Flexible working comes into law

    The right to flexible working has been extended in law to be a fundamental and universal right for UK employees.
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  • May 22, 2014

    Supermarket shifts ’cause anxiety and insecurity’

    In a recent study by Alex Wood and Brendan Burchell from the department of sociology at Cambridge delivers more evidence
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  • Feb 13, 2014

    Business Spreadsheets

    We would like to welcome Business Spreadsheets authorized distributor for Schedule24 Excel Add-in.
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